Sunday, September 03, 2006

time well spent

Raggedy Ann
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A long time ago in a bedroom far, far away, I spent the summer of my 17th year working on a drawing of my beloved Raggedy Ann. I propped her up in a chair facing my window and, for a couple of hours most every afternoon, sprawled out on my burnt orange carpet and carefully recorded with my No. 2 pencil every flower on her dress, the lace on her bloomers and grain of wood on her chair. I was so absorbed in my study, the shifting light was my only indication that time had passed.

Drawing is one of the few ways I truly find myself lost in the moment. Many of my design classmates look at rendering as a chore and often comment on how much effort I put into my work. What they don’t understand is that I actually enjoy that part of the process. While I can’t take the time to detail to the extent that I did with my old Raggedy Ann, I always try to spend enough to do a respectably thorough job. Seeing my design vision come to life in a perspective drawing is what finally brings it all together for me.

And rendering with markers takes me back to being a kid with my well-worn box of crayons (btw, the mixed bag banner pic is my box of 48 from the 4th grade). What’s not to love about that?


Blogger suzanne cabrera said...

I'm completely there with you...drawing is a great way to lose yourself. BTW, what are you studying? I'm in school for interior architecture, so I can relate to the remarks of classmates and the thrill of markers.

4:07 PM  
Blogger heather lorin said...

Suzanne I'm studying interior design. I've been wondering if you were doing the same or something similar. No wonder I relate to so many things on your blog :)

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heather, It's Beth. I had no idea that you were so artistic. You have such an incredible talent. I so hope you move back to the hood so I can gain inspiration from you! I'm blown away. Love, B.

8:25 AM  

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