Monday, August 07, 2006

adventure girl

I you have even the tiniest bit of wanderlust flowing through your veins, you should check out the website of Nancy Pellegrini. Nancy is a writer and photographer originally from New York, but currently living in China teaching English language classes. Prior to China, she taught English in Korea, studied and worked in England and Ireland, and traveled around Europe. We *met* and bonded through an online travel writing class a few years ago and keep in touch sporadically via her unreliable internet connection from Beijing. One of these days I need to hop a plane to China for a face to face chat.

A description of the overwhelming darkness and misery of learning Chinese in general, her Chinese class in particular, and the all-consuming horror of a using a Chinese dictionary was selected from her essay "A Monolinguist Abroad" (InsideOut Travel, Jan 2005), and published as a one-hundred word sidebar in the 2004 Traveler's Tales China: Anthology.

full disclosure: I totally lifted that last paragraph from Nancy’s website ; )


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