Wednesday, August 16, 2006

travel journaling

Travel Journaling
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My last attempt at travel journaling was a miserable failure. I blame it on the whirlwind schedule – 2 weeks: London / Paris / Milan – and the cold, rainy March weather. It’s hard to stay motivated and on task with frozen fingers and an umbrella clamped between your teeth.

I’m always on the lookout for motifs to include in textile designs and I did manage to sketch a few in London at St. Paul’s and the British Museum at the beginning of the trip while I was still fresh. But, by the time I got to Paris, I had abandoned both my camera and my sketchbook in favor of shopping and eating, scribbling down only a couple of quick notes:
- fabric shops near Sacre Couer (Anvers Metro)
- Gérard Mulot - CAKES, St. Germain

That was my last entry. The cakes at Gérard Mulot had finished me. I had abstained from sugar and chocolate for years but one bite of fruit filled chocolate delight and I was addicted (still am over a year later). I went back and got a box of four to take with me to Milan but devoured them all before we made it to the Italian border.

Before my next big trip I’m going to undergo an aggressive workout regime: -weightlifting to prepare for lugging around my gear; and sketching in random spots around town in various weather conditions holding said gear to prepare for, well, sketching in random spots around the country in various weather conditions holding my gear ;)


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