Sunday, July 30, 2006

Maine anyone?

Life is full of nice little surprises. Like today for example...I set out late this morning to buy a new pair of running shoes and stopped in at Monstah Lobstah afterwards for a basket of fish and chips. Mmmm….fried fish…oh wait, that wasn’t my point. Anyway, the owner of Monstah Lobstah was born and raised along the coast of southern Maine and decided to come to Tampa to bring the local community a real Maine experience and I thank him for that.

While I was waiting for my basket of goodies, I thumbed through an old copy of Down East magazine that was on my table and ran across an article about The Reverend Paul Plante, a priest and artist from Maine who creates small, beautiful oil pastels of bird’s and fish, focusing in on a single eye. He produces about 1000 paintings per year with his unique perspective and displays and sells throughout the northeast and online. I’ve never been much of a bird or fish lover, but his stunning creations have made me reconsider.

You can see some more of his original artwork online at mixed greens and The Firehouse Gallery.


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