Friday, October 20, 2006

coffee break: meet up

So Happy Together
So Happy Together
Originally uploaded by Opiliones.
Kimbo, our 10 year old bionic boxer, likes to start her day catching up on the latest neighborhood gossip (i.e. smells - her feline buddies get around to a lot of interesting places).

Sylvester, the cat in the foreground, is what I like to call *aggressively friendly* and goes out of his way to follow you for a little contact - dogs included. Kimbo was pretty freaked out the first time Sylvester tried to rub up against her, having grown up with our cat Maggie, who tolerated her at best and swiped at her at worst.

It didn't take long for Kimbo to settle into a comfortable relationship with this odd little pack of dog-loving cats. Now, instead of jumping away from them, she sniffs and deposits a little trail of drool down their backs as the cats say their hellos.


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